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Joni Herison

Managing Director

After years of promoting Bhutan as a travel destination under Druk Asia, I've set my sights on a new destination, Palau. The island country located in the western Pacific Ocean, with its pristine natural beauty and vibrant culture, offers an incredible opportunity for creating travel experiences that are both authentic and life-changing. In fact, both Palau and Bhutan have so many similarities! 

At SoulTrips, our mission is to introduce Palau's charm to the world, weaving together its rich history, marine wonders, and transformative adventures. Through carefully curated journeys, we offer travelers a glimpse into Palau's secrets – its azure waters, ancient traditions, and diverse marine life. 

Would love to connect with any like-minded individuals who share the same passion for Palau, or unique travel journeys.

Francis Lee

General Manager

Embarking on this adventure with SoulTrips has been nothing short of a calling. As the General Manager, I embody the ethos of a travel design agency that thrives on attentive listening, infusing each curated journey with our genuine passion and sincerity. Through years in the travel industry, I've fostered strong connections with diverse partners and suppliers, enriching our network and deepening our destination knowledge. This allows us to offer our guests a deeper understanding of their chosen destinations, resulting in uniquely crafted, unforgettable travel experiences.

What sets SoulTrips.co apart is our ability to empathetically curate heartwarming journeys from the traveler's perspective. We foster transformation through thoughtful, tailored experiences that evoke deep connections and meaningful insights.

Anna Lee

Head of Product & Business Development

In my role as the Head of Product & Business Development at SoulTrips, I'm driven by a passion for creating transformative journeys that go beyond regular travel. We pride ourselves on crafting journeys that align perfectly with your desires and expectations. Throughout the planning process, we value open communication, welcoming your comments and feedback.

Our commitment goes beyond designing a trip; we immerse ourselves in understanding your preferences and aspirations. Drawing from our personal experiences and extensive knowledge of destinations, we offer insightful recommendations on must-see attractions and unforgettable experiences. During your adventure, we maintain a continuous line of communication, ensuring you feel supported and empowered throughout your journey. Our team is readily available to provide assistance whenever and wherever you may need it.

We are your dedicated travel partner, committed to enhancing your travel experiences and making sure you don't miss out on anything extraordinary.

Li Li Tey


Embarking on a transformative journey often starts with a spark of inspiration. For me, that spark ignited with the anticipation of the Singapore to Palau flight. Having spent four enriching years in Palau, working and living in a dive shop, I became acutely aware of the untapped potential this stunning destination held. One of my most profound travel experiences unfolded in Ambon, a humble fishing village where the people's warmth and generosity knew no bounds. In that moment, I realised that true wealth transcends material possessions, and genuine happiness lies in the connections we forge with others.

At SoulTrips, I envision orchestrating meaningful encounters for travelers, connecting them with local partners who are dedicated to sharing their unique way of life, culture, and worldview. Through meticulously curated itineraries, we aim to offer experiences that allow the time and space for travellers to truly engage with the people and stories of Palau, so that these stories will resonate with them on a profound level and leave a lasting impact on their lives. 

It's about going beyond the surface, delving into the heart of a destination, and allowing the transformative power of travel to leave an indelible mark on each and every journey. This is the essence of what we do, and I am thrilled to be a part of this extraordinary endeavor.

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