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Discover The Soul of Responsible Travel


At Soultrips, we believe in the transformative power of travel. And we also believe that every journey should leave a positive footprint. That's why we're thrilled to introduce you to Ol'au Palau, a unique and visionary initiative to travel that goes beyond tourism. Ol'au in Palauan means to invite someone into your space. It's more than a program; it's a movement that rewards travelers for their respect towards the environment and local culture, rather than the size of their wallets; it's about a deep and meaningful connection with a place that's as enchanting as it is fragile.


The Power of Respectful Travel


Palau's commitment to preserving its pristine environment and unique culture is truly inspiring. From being the first country to adopt an anti-nuclear constitution in 1979 to introducing the Palau Pledge in 2017, Palau's journey towards environmental and cultural conservation has been remarkable.

As the world reopens to travel after the challenges of the past years, the Ol'au Palau program empowers you to participate in a meaningful way. By treating the island nation gently and respectfully, you can earn points. The more eco-friendly choices you make, the more points you accumulate.


Unlock Exclusive Experiences with Your Commitment


What's fantastic is that these points can be redeemed for exclusive cultural and nature-based experiences that are usually reserved for locals and their close friends. This includes embarking on unmarked hikes, exploring secret caves, sharing a meal with Palauan locals and elders, or casting a reel in a secluded fishing spot. Ol'au Palau also offers new experiences, some of which were once rare for tourists, such as participating in a first birth ceremony, an important cultural event.


Your Role in Responsible Travel


At Soultrips, we invite you to embrace the concept of responsible travel with Ol'au Palau. It's a chance to align your travel experiences with your values and be rewarded for contributing to the preservation of this unique paradise. By choosing eco-friendly sunscreen, supporting culturally significant sites, and savoring locally sourced sustainable food, you can demonstrate your commitment to this extraordinary initiative.


Experience Palau in a Deeper Way


To get the most out of the Ol'au Palau program, we recommend a 10-day to two-week trip. Keep in mind that the remote location of the archipelago, situated 890 kilometers east of the Philippines and 1,330 kilometers southwest of Guam, may affect your travel time. You'll want to spend the initial five days accumulating points and set aside around five to six days for redeeming them.


Travel Sustainably with SoulTrips


Sustainability is integral to many businesses in Palau, and the country's strong commitment to responsible travel makes it easy to find establishments that adhere to eco-friendly practices, regardless of your budget. Additionally, when you choose to stay and dine at these eco-conscious places, you'll earn points within the Ol'au Palau program.


Join the Ol'au Palau Community


We invite you to be a part of this exceptional community of responsible travelers. Register now and be one of the firsts to download the Ol'au Palau mobile app to embark on a journey that's more than just a vacation. It's a commitment to preserving the beauty and culture of Palau for generations to come.

Explore this extraordinary landscape and immerse yourself in a living testament to nature's wonders with Soultrips.

Join us on an extraordinary adventure to explore this natural treasure trove and immerse yourself in the rich heritage of Palau.

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