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A Fusion of Flavors


Palau, with its rich tapestry of influences, offers a culinary experience that's as diverse as the island itself. At Soultrips, we invite you to explore Palauan cuisine, where flavors from the United States, Japan, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia meld seamlessly to create a delightful journey for your taste buds.


Embracing Diversity on Your Plate

Palauan cuisine reflects the island's remarkable history and international influences. You'll discover a plethora of culinary gems, from Indian curries with a local twist to the freshest sushi, sashimi, Italian delicacies, American BBQ, Chinese stir-fries, Korean delights, and authentic Palauan dishes.


The Bounty of the Sea

One of the standout features of Palauan cuisine is its emphasis on fresh local seafood, which takes center stage on many menus. Thanks to Palau's strategic location as a Pacific Island, you'll savor the taste of freshly caught seafood in every bite. It's a testament to the island's connection to the ocean, offering an authentic and delectable experience.


Rooted in Tradition

Palauan culinary tradition is deeply rooted in the use of Pacific island staples such as taro, pandan, yams, and pumpkin. Taro, in particular, holds a significant place as a traditional food source, exclusively harvested by women. Palauan cuisine places a strong emphasis on seafood, root vegetables, and exotic fruits. Its cuisine artfully merges American and Japanese influences, resulting in a unique Asian-inspired culinary experience such as BBQ-sauce-smothered grilled pork or chicken alongside the freshest sashimi, sushi, and tempura. The island's love for Japanese culinary traditions is evident in affordable bento meals at gas stations and mini marts.


Must-Try Palauan Delights:

Spam Musubi: A delightful snack that layers grilled Spam on a bed of sushi rice, wrapped in an omelette and nori. It offers both affordability and a burst of flavors.

Spam musubi


Ukaeb: A local delicacy featuring a crab shell filled with minced crab meat, crowned with rich coconut cream, delivering a delightful coconut-infused treat.

Palau Cuisine


Poke: Pronounced as “po-kee”, poke is a culinary gem made from fresh raw fish, typically tuna, seasoned with fragrant sesame oil, sesame seeds, a hint of chili, and lemon. It's artfully garnished with slender seaweed strings.


Fruit Bat Soup: Not for the faint-hearted, this dish combines sweet-tasting fruit bat meat with coconut milk, fresh ginger, spices, and root vegetables. It's a unique blend of tradition and a touch of controversy in changing dietary preferences.


Fish Tempura: Among the various fish preparations in Palau, the deep-fried, crumbed tempura style is a crowd-pleaser. Served with creamy mayonnaise and other dipping sauces, it's a delightful treat.


Palauan Culinary Specialties

Palau's culinary specialties are a delightful blend of history, flavor, and innovation. From taro soup and fruit bat soup to broiled fish seasoned with garlic, ginger, and banana leaf, hearty tinola, crunchy deep-fried shrimp and squash fritters known as ulkoy, and traditional desserts like pichi-pichi, Palau's culinary landscape is a treasure trove of flavors.


Quirky Palauan Delights

Below are some unusual but surprisingly pleasant mixtures Palauans have created to titillate their palates:

  1. Betel Nut Chewing: Immerse yourself in an intriguing cultural experience shared by the locals.
  2. Fruit with Kool-Aid: Rediscover the joy of childhood with this fusion of sweet flavors.
  3. Kimchee and Kool-Aid: Savor the intriguing mix of sweet and savory sensations.


Quenching Your Thirst the Local Way

In Palau, the legal drinking age is 21, and you can explore the island's own Red Rooster beer brand and kava juice, a soft drink made from the kava root. Palau's culinary journey is a fusion of flavors and cultural influences that will enchant every food enthusiast. 

Join Soultrips as we dive into the diverse, delicious world of Palauan cuisine.

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Explore this extraordinary landscape and immerse yourself in a living testament to nature's wonders with Soultrips.

Join us on an extraordinary adventure to explore this natural treasure trove and immerse yourself in the rich heritage of Palau. Explore Palau with SoulTrips

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