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Dance to the Rhythm of Palauan Tradition


Welcome to the enchanting world of Palauan traditional dances! At Soultrips, we believe in embracing the soul of a destination through its unique cultural expressions. Palau's rich heritage is beautifully encapsulated in its traditional dances, a journey through time and a feast for the senses.


The Essence of Palauan Dance

In Palau, Nglikir a sechal ma Redil (dancing) and chelitakl (singing) are more than just art forms – they are the heartbeat of Palauan culture. These well-developed traditions are celebrated across the islands, with village groups coming together to showcase their exceptional talents.


A Story in Every Step

The traditional dances of Palau are a symphony of movement and melody. The dances are a sensory delight, as they have been for generations. They offer a profound connection to the island's history, its joys, and its sorrows. Ancient stories come to life through graceful choreography, captivating chants, and songs that resonate with deep emotions.


Dancing Through the Ages

For the people of Palau, dancing is not just an art; it's a way of life. From ancient times, these dances have played a pivotal role in their entertainment. Whether for grand feasts, village gatherings, or invitations from one village to another, dancing is the thread that weaves these moments together. Families start teaching their children the basics, and soon expert dancers take over, ensuring that these cherished traditions continue to thrive.


The Language of Dance

Palauan dance etiquette is as intricate as the moves themselves. It distinguishes between "ruk," the men's dances, and "ngloik," the women's dances. Each dance carries a unique name, just as unique as its form. "Meloik" describes the fluid grace of women's dances, while "ouruk" embodies the powerful stances and storytelling of the men's performances.



A Performance to Remember

For an official dance, participants adorn themselves with new loincloths or vibrant grass skirts, accompanied by matching accessories. Four lebuchel, leaders representing the highest clans in the village, lead the way, with one of them acting as the mesuchokl, the charismatic prompter. The ancient choreography guides every step, a nod to the wisdom of ancestors.

Women's dances often emphasize hip movements and are performed by two lines of women, creating a stately and mesmerizing display. Meanwhile, men's line dances infuse war stances and stick dances, reflecting Palau's history as a land of warriors. Each dance style is a unique contribution to the island's cultural tapestry.


Rhythm of Evolution

Throughout history, Palauan music and dance have evolved, influenced by outside cultures. The island's rich oral tradition once solely embraced vocal music. Later, the introduction of musical instruments such as the jew's harp and nose flute added new dimensions to the melodies. The era of European contact introduced church music, and during Japanese occupation, contemporary Palauan music began to flourish. Today, you can experience this evolution at local bars.


A Journey to Explore

Curious to dive deeper into Palauan traditions? Discover more about the island's cultural heritage through the book "Entertainment: Sports and Games; Dances and Songs," published by the Palau Bureau of Arts and Culture in 2002. This comprehensive resource is available here.


Join the Celebration

While pre-COVID days witnessed traditional dance performances in many local restaurants, today, we invite you to be part of the vibrant atmosphere at the fortnightly Palauan night market. Here, under the starry Palauan sky, you can experience these captivating dances and become a part of a living cultural story.

At Soultrips, we invite you to immerse yourself in Palau's vibrant traditions, where every dance is a story, and every step is a celebration of heritage. Come, be a part of the Palauan rhythm, and let these captivating dances leave a lasting impression on your heart and soul.

Explore this extraordinary landscape and immerse yourself in a living testament to nature's wonders with Soultrips.

Join us on an extraordinary adventure to explore this natural treasure trove and immerse yourself in the rich heritage of Palau. Explore Palau with SoulTrips

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