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Discover Helen's Reef with SoulTrips


At the heart of Palau's natural wonders lies the remote and breathtaking Helen Island, an uninhabited oasis protected by a devoted team of three park rangers. Their mission? Safeguarding this pristine ecosystem from illegal activities like fishing and poaching, allowing its untouched beauty to thrive.



Helen Island's allure lies in its crystal-clear turquoise waters, inviting you to explore their depths. White sandy beaches grace its shores, inviting you to relax under the gentle caress of the sun. Here, coconut palms sway in the breeze, and the landscape is a patchwork of small trees, shrubs, and grasses. But the true magic of Helen Island lies in its vibrant birdlife, a testament to the untouched serenity of this natural haven.


Life on Helen Island is a study in simplicity. The park rangers call a modest house their home, where sheltered cover provides for their needs in the absence of electricity and refrigeration. Theirs is a solitary existence, with infrequent transit to the mainland, sometimes spanning months or even years at a time.


The isolation of Helen Reef, the atoll that cradles Helen Island, is remarkable. Located 70 kilometers east of Tobi Island, it stands as a testament to nature's resilience. Its closest inhabited neighbor, Tobi Island, is home to less than a hundred souls.


The story of Helen Reef is not without its challenges. The 1998 El Niño brought significant damage, resulting in bleaching that left the coral in a delicate state. Bleaching occurs when corals lose their algae, appearing white, and while they can recover, it's a race against time. Monitoring efforts have been steadfast, leading to a remarkable comeback for Helen Reef.


At the heart of Helen's Reef lies an expedition by Cohen's Lab in Palau, aptly named "Merand." Their mission? To understand why some of Palau's coral thrives in low pH conditions. Through surveys and sample collections in various habitats, from the outer reef crest to the inner reef and channel leading into the lagoon, they seek answers. In their dives, they've encountered the majestic reef sharks and playful dolphins, painting a picture of resilience and vibrancy.



For divers seeking vibrant and diverse reefs, Helen Reef promises an unforgettable experience. Its colorful tapestry speaks volumes about nature's capacity for renewal and revival, a testament to the wonders that await those who venture to its shores.


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