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Discover the Soul of Ngardmau: Where Nature and Legend Unite


Welcome to a land where nature's magnificence is intertwined with age-old legends, and the echoes of history beckon you. Nestled within Palau's pristine Ngardmau State, Ngardmau Waterfall stands as a testament to the timeless beauty of this region, a jewel awaiting your exploration.


A Journey Beyond the Ordinary

SoulTrips invites you to embark on an extraordinary adventure to the enchanting Ngardmau Waterfall. Flowing from the heights of Palau's tallest peak, the majestic 217-meter Mt Ngerhelchuus, the waterfall emerges as a testament to nature's grandeur.

As your path unwinds through the serene Taki Nature Reserve, a world of unique flora and fauna unfolds before you. Stately palms, teak trees, and even the carnivorous plants of the jungle greet your senses, as if whispering tales of old.

But the magic doesn't stop there. The trail itself is steeped in history, revealing the remnants of Japanese colonial times. As you traverse this scenic path, you'll encounter ruins, the timeworn locomotives, and parts of the once-thriving railway system. It's a journey through time, as the jungle reclaims these historic sites, transforming the old rails into a trail through the forest.


Nature's Gift: The Natural Pools of Nqertebechel River

Feel the embrace of nature as you explore the enchanting natural pools of the Nqertebechel River. Carved by centuries of water's relentless caress, these natural bathtubs continue to evolve, welcoming new pools into their family. Amid the tropical warmth, these pools offer a refreshing sanctuary, complete with crystal-clear waters, the purest in Palau. Take a moment to relax and savor the breathtaking landscape surrounding you.


Medal – A – Iyechad Waterfall: A Glimpse of Palau's Grandeur

Your journey culminates with the grandeur of the Medal – A – Iyechad Waterfall. Widening to approximately 37 meters and cascading 30 meters to the rocks below, it stands as a testament to nature's majesty. And there's no experience quite like standing beneath its soothing waters, feeling the cool embrace and the power of Palau's most iconic waterfall.


Legends of the Eel: The Heart of Ngardmau

Deep in the heart of Ngardmau lies a legend that is as timeless as the waterfall itself. It's the story of an eel, an ancient creature of magic, which transformed into a river with the head of the Ngardmau Waterfall. The locals still believe in the spirit of the eel, an enduring part of their history and culture.


Blai - Your Oasis at the Entrance of the Waterfall

Following your exhilarating hike, indulge in the serenity of Blai, where summer houses welcome you with showers, bathrooms, and the gentle jungle breeze. This is your haven for relaxation before and after your adventure, offering refreshing snacks, handcrafted souvenirs, and a respite from the jungle's embrace.


Exploring Ngardmau State: A Tapestry of Culture and History

Ngardmau State, located on the western shores of Babeldaob, encompasses the expansive drainage basins of the Diongradid and Irur Rivers, sources of Ngardmau Waterfall. These rivers are the lifeblood of this region, nurturing its unique beauty and sustaining its captivating flora and fauna.


Ngardmau State, home to fewer than 200 souls, is under the governance of an elected chief executive, the governor. Traditional villages stand as vital symbols, bearing witness to the history and culture of families, clans, and regions. Within these villages, you'll encounter numerous stone features, such as clan cemeteries and shrines, rich in historical and traditional significance. The lagoon, an abundant resource, teems with a variety of fish and shellfish, offering sustenance and economic significance. Explore the intriguing presence of taro swamp gardens, where garden plots and terraced hillsides encompass most village sites.


SoulTrips - Where Your Journey Begins

At SoulTrips, we are your guides to the extraordinary, your companions on this transformative journey. Ngardmau Waterfall is more than a destination; it's a soulful adventure that invites you to connect with the beauty of nature, the echoes of history, and the vibrant culture of Palau.


Are you ready to uncover the soul of Ngardmau? Your journey to transformation begins here.

Explore this extraordinary landscape and immerse yourself in a living testament to nature's wonders with Soultrips.

Join us on an extraordinary adventure to explore this natural treasure trove and immerse yourself in the rich heritage of Palau. Explore Palau with SoulTrips

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