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About SoulTrips.co

SoulTrips is more than a travel platform; it's a portal to authentic and transformative journeys. Brought to you by Druk Asia, our mission is to provide travelers with extraordinary opportunities for meaningful and life-enriching adventures.

Our meticulously crafted tours go beyond typical itineraries, revealing the hidden treasures of each destination. We aim to immerse you in the heart and soul of the places you visit, fostering genuine connections with local culture and communities. We believe that travel is not just about ticking off landmarks but about nourishing your soul.

SoulTrips.co was born from the conviction that travel has the power to spark personal growth and profound transformation. With meticulous care, we've handpicked journeys that provide the space for travellers to unearth their inner selves, forge connections with others, and form a deep bond with the world around them. These are not your run-of-the-mill vacations; they are immersive, experiential, and designed to shift your perspective, taking you off the well-trodden path to unveil the hidden treasures of each destination and foster genuine engagement with its culture and community.

But that's not all; SoulTrips.co is committed to the principles of sustainable and responsible travel. We collaborate closely with local communities and organizations to ensure our adventures leave a positive footprint on both the environment and the people who call these places home. And for those eager to give back, our trips offer meaningful service projects that allow you to make a real difference in the communities you visit.

SoulTrips.co boasts a vast array of journeys, from rejuvenating wellness retreats to heart-pounding adventure expeditions, captivating cultural immersions, and much more. Every trip is a masterpiece, thoughtfully curated to provide a one-of-a-kind, transformative experience. Whether you're drawn to the camaraderie of group travel or desire a personalized private journey tailored to your interests, we have your quest covered. 

SoulTrips is also the appointed General Sales Agency of Alii Palau Airlines, which will bring direct flights operated by Drukair from Singapore to Palau starting November 23, 2023. With this, SoulTrips is excited to bring travelers to a pristine paradise in the Pacific Oceans in just 5 hours.


Other SoulTrips.co Services:

  1. Membership Benefits
    We partner with various like-minded organizations to reward their members, staff, and clients by offering specially curated trips or deals based on the organization's needs.
  2. Meetings, Incentives, Conventions & Events (MICE)
    We also curate large-group MICE experiences for organizations and teams that want to create memorable and meaningful trips for their teams.
  3. Curated Bespoke Itinerary
    Think of us as a travel partner who is there to provide you with inspiration for the once-in-a-lifetime transformative journey you need. Let us know your purpose, and we'll curate the most meaningful experience for you.


For more info & other travel destinations, visit www.SoulTrips.co


About Druk Asia

In the enchanting year of 2008, Druk Asia was born, igniting a journey to unlock the soulful wonders of Bhutan. As the proud ambassador of Drukair, Royal Bhutan Airlines in Singapore, our story began to take flight. But our tale didn't end there; it soared to new heights during the pandemic, birthing SoulTrips.co. We saw the need for our travelers to spread their wings and explore more destinations, each one a unique opportunity to deepen their connection with themselves.

With offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia, as well as robust global partnerships, Druk Asia stands as a stalwart guardian of transformative and soul-stirring experiences in Bhutan. Our mission? To assure you, our cherished travellers, that every journey with us is a meticulously crafted odyssey of self-discovery and connection with the special Land of the Thunder Dragon.

For more info, visit www.DrukAsia.com


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Changi Airport Group (CAG)

Operator and management of the world-renowned Changi Airport


Singapore’s leading consumer banks

Journify and Enrich Program by MAS

A travel and lifestyle platform by Malaysia Airlines


International premium manufacturer of cameras and sports optics


Leading travel and leisure experiences platforms in APAC


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NTUC Membership
NTUC Membership

Singapore’s sole national trade union center

EU Holidays
EU Holidays

Award-winning tour agency based in Singapore




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For more information on Druk Asia Group of Companies, please visit www.drukasia.org.


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